CORE PRIDE – UVERworld [single]

I make a new post of CORE PRIDE single [watch PV and DL single] here

yoo Minna !! segera rilis single ke -19 UVERworld 11 Mei 2011 nanti. Ini sekitar 1 bulan setelah rilis single Mondo Piece. Dan tepat 2 bulan setelah gempa di Jepang.


  2. 境地・マントラ (Kyouchi Mantra)
  3. UVER Battle Royal~桁外れmix~ ( UVER Battle Royal ~ ketahazure mix ~)
  4. CORE PRIDE(アニメver.)※アニメ盤のみに収録 ~~ anime version

Limited Edition DVD

1. LIVE at DRUM LOGOS Fukuoka 2010.12.16

• 6つの風 (muttsu no kaze)

• D-tecnoLife

• クオリア (qualia)

2. “LAST Tour 2010” video (のインターバル映像5種)

3. UVERworld予告編 (UVERworld trailer)

Termasuk dalam Anime Version :

1. 青の祓魔師 描き下ろし絵柄ジャケット (cover dari ao no exorcist)
2. 青の祓魔師オープニングサイズのアニメver.収録 (opening anime version)

Bocoran Cover Core Pride dari D-san:

limited edition:

regular edition:

Ada berita sekarang UVERworld sedang buat PVnya. Sutradaranya Mr. Masaki Okita yang juga membuat PV Hakanaku sama Chance. Katanya PV core pride ini akan dibuat dengan new way, yah kita tunggu saja.

Ps: what do you think about this and this, Minna-san??

Pss: D-san said the pv is taken from UVERlive, ummmhhh i’m lil bit dissapointed … tsk I think they are really busy so they have no time to make real pv for core pride =____=

Psss: cover CORE PRIDE Anime Version


The video clip of the new single “CORE PRIDE” and the singles mentioned above will be aired on the 200-inch big screen at OPUS at Ginza Tokyo from May 9th.
The 130-inch objet which was used in the photo shooting of the album jacket will be displayed as well. (Source: japaneserockrevolution news)


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