Album ke-6 UVERworld: LIFE 6 SENSE

It is the 6th album, release on 6th month (2011/06/01)  and UVERworld will celebrate 6th anniversary……… six six six. And don’t forget the sixth member of UVERworld, Seika-san



2. いつか必ず死ぬことを忘れるな –> Itsuka Kanarazu Shinu Koto o Wasureru na –> short ver from UVERworldstaff diary HERE
3. 一石を投じる Tokyo midnight sun –> Isseki o Toujiru Tokyo midnight sun
4. ace of ace
5. NO.1[album ver.]
6. クオリア  –> qualia
7. シークレット –> secret
8. 勝者臆病者 –> Shousha Okubyoumono
9. 6つの風[album ver.] –> muttsu no kaze
10. 一億分の一の小説  –> Ichiokubun no Ichi no Shousetsu
12. 白昼夢 –> Hakuchuumu (daydreaming)

Limited Edition:

– first press dapat bonus poster –> poster ^___________^ i want

– 24 pages of special booklet

– bonus DVD (Core Abilities short ver; PV GOLD, QUALIA, NO.1, MONDO PIECE; hidden track)

ps: limited cover

pss: preview Hakuchuumu (radio rip)

cover Regular Edition:


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