Little Things about Hiroshi Kamiya

Sankyuu daughter miehihi =3=

Stalker of Seiyuu


Please welcome to one of the most popular voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi, seiyuu of Rivaille – Shingeki no Kyojin, Memphisto Pheles – Blue Exorcist, Seijuro Akashi – Kurobas and tons of another major KAKKOI roles… i swear it took me backache stalking some things about me (ノ-_-)ノ~┻━┻ but this person is tooooo adorable to be ignored…
1. Born on January 28th 1975 and blood type A
2. Tsundere, Sadist, and extreme sense of joke :))))
3. Gamer, he may be ignorant when people talk about socmed but talk about game with him and he’ll forget people surround him XD
4. His debut is in 1992 in Kiteretsu Daihyakka
5. He’s mistaken twice as girl by his Grandmother and a combini Attendant..blame his long hair but HIROC IS INFINITELY KAWAII ♥
6. Has a male cat named Nyanko-sensei, a cat lover while his lover partner OnoD dislike cat :3
7. Still…

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Kiss x Kiss vol 09: Tsundere Kiss

SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE PLEASE!!!! OMG I’m dying listen to this talk CD ~ Kamiya Hirosi -san chuuuu >3<)o

thank you for the translation xDDD


Kiss X Kiss Collection volume 9 – Tsundere Kiss
Character: Togari Sakuya
Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi

01. タイトルコール./ Title Call
02.  プロローグ / Prologue
03. お目覚めのキス / Omezame no Kisu / Good morning kiss
04. ジェラシーキス / Jealousy Kiss
05. しょんぼりキス/ Shonbori Kisu / Dishearted kiss
06. メガネキス / Megane Kiss / Glasses Kiss
07. ランダムキス / Random Kiss
08. オバケ屋敷キス / Obakeyashiki Kisu / Hunted House kiss
09. 迷子キス / Maigo Kiss / Lost Child Kiss
10. 口直しキス / Kuchinaoshi Kiss / A kiss to remove the bad taste
11. ピュアキス / Pure Kiss
12. メリーゴーランドキス / Merry-go-Round Kiss
13. 忘れ物キス / Wasuremono Kiss / Lost item Kiss
14. おやすみのキス / Oyasumi no Kisu / Good-night Kiss
15. 眠れない夜 / Nemurenai Yoru / Sleepless Night
16. おはようのキス / Ohayou no Kisu / Good morning Kiss

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