Top 15 seiyuu with the best singing voice

The Hand That Feeds HQ

We’ve all heard of many actors turned musicians in Europe or the US. And we hear how they fail to make the jump because simply they don’t sound good singing. In Japan is a totally different situation. In Japan the art of singing or voice acting is much respected since it’s one of the hardest to master. You need to: by voice only, express believable emotions and make the listeners feel those same emotions and that requires amazing talent and dedication – two words that are usually part of the day-by-day of a normal Japanese. So this is a top dedicated to those voice actors that have excelled in singing throughout these years.

To make this top lots of songs were listened, between character songs and solo/band albums I counted everything to build this top.

taniyama kisho1 – KISHOW TANIYAMA

Does it even come as a surprise? Everyone knows that this name…

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