UVERworld announce new album

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ナノ・セカンド uverworld

UVERworld has more news for their fans. After last month’s announcement of their new single “7日目の決意“, the Japanese versatile rock band has announced the release of a new album, scheduled to hit the stores on 02/07/2014, available in two different editions: regular and limited.

The album is still untitled and the tracklist is pretty much unknown, of course with some already known hits in it: the still unreleased single “7日目の決意” plus “Nano Second” and “Fight for Liberty” from the previous singles.

The preorders for the album have already opened in most online stores, CDJAPAN and Animate have already listed the album but with no information regarding the contents of the limited edition DVD.

The new album is already available for pre orders on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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